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Living into Better Thinking

We don’t think ourselves into new ways of living, we live ourselves into new ways of thinking.

Richard Rohr

I have been contemplating this quote from Richard Rohr (RR) since the beginning of the year. It is one of those quotes that make you come back to it and not just use it as some inspirational quote to make you excited for an hour and then continue unaffected a few minutes later.

What RR wants us to do is to put praxis over theory. Practically it looks something like this;

Think of the reality show “Undercover Boss.” An owner or CEO of a large company starts to work undercover for his own company, doing all the necessary things expected from all employees like; working behind the grill in a takeaway restaurant, collecting recycling, washing dishes. I think you get the picture. While on the job, he gets the opportunity to hear people’s stories. He gets to listen to their dreams, aspirations and struggles. 

By working next to his employees, he gains insights that lead to changes in how he thinks about his company and operates it in the future. 

In my coaching practice, I found that the best way to encourage new thinking is for my clients to practice new ways of living.  Practising new ways of living will create new ways of thinking.

Maybe it is to make friends with a person from another culture or ethnicity.

Maybe it is to take your bike instead of your car.

Maybe it is to start reading instead of scrolling social media.

Although our thoughts and thinking are important, it is the practice of living, of doing things outside our comfort zone, that have a significant impact on changing our thinking.

What new way of living could lead to a new way of thinking for you? 

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